I know this is going to sound crazy; but what if the Earth is flat?

First, let me begin by saying that I always thought that I lived on a spinning ball. Because, just like you, I always believed that the dozens of pictures of our Earth from space were actually real photos. Yeah, well, did I have something new to learn about life.

In fact, I may sound kind of naïve by announcing this publicly; however, the very possibility of a Flat Earth had never struck my mind. And I mean, never! Because I always thought that our Earth was not only a spheroid but also wondrously spinning through an ever-expanding universe – just like I was told.

That is until I heard about Flat Earth in 2015.

And at the time, you might as well have told me that Elvis was still alive. It would have been far more believable, as the very suggestion that the Earth is flat; well, let me say, I was more than triggered! The concept is not only archaic in thought – but absolutely preposterous. So I did what any right-minded person would do: vigorously debunk the claim that the Earth is Flat.

So anyway, debunking Flat Earth became my obsession. Like many others – we all hated the concept. Most of us probably stumbled across the topic in a similar scenario. Thinking: hey, I can debunk this overnight. This is going to be easy. However, I soon after learnt that “Flat Earthers” were not so crazy after all, and I decided to openly research the topic without bias – with the ultimate aim of finding the truth.

We live during a rather unique time: because never in history have so many people collectively questioned the very place where we live. And that’s a good thing. Because we have been bamboozled with nonsensical issues for far too long. But humanity is awakening from its deep slumber. You could almost say that an apocalyptic awakening is occurring. Snapping humanity out of a deep knowledge coma without partiality to a specific demographic, gender, colour, or religious belief.

The following compilation of videos should make any discerning mind question their reality, and make them re-examine if they are spinning around on an oblate spheroid – whilst spinning at twice faster than the speed of sound.

I hope you enjoy them.

Question everything, and if someone tells you not to question it; then question it – even more! ~ Billy Zig

The Truth Does Not Fear Investigation

In my opinion, this is one of the best introductory documentaries to activate the pineal gland to a new level of thought.

It’s a 40-minute documentary; and as the title says, the truth should never fear investigation. That is, whether in your private life or to the extreme of questioning the very world where you live.

Flat Earth Trilogy | True World, Learning Curve and Epic Deception

Let’s step things up a notch!

This is a compilation of ODD TV’s first 3 Flat Earth videos from late 2015 and early 2016, delivering a solid 2-hour Flat Earth documentary that’s packed with great information.

How Far Can You See On A Clear Day?

The famous song by the 1960’s rock band, The Who; “I can see for miles and miles” – now makes far more sense to me as a free-thinking adult.

My farthest sighting from Melbourne Australia was from over 150 kilometres away whilst standing on the shoreline of Chelsea beach; where on a clear day, I could clearly see the You Yangs mountain ranges in Victoria, without the aid of a telescope or binoculars.

In 2016, I discovered the following photo online after searching for the keyphrase “long distant photos” whilst surfing the internet late at night.

The photo, snapped by a professional photographer, clearly showed the mountain ranges of Pic de Finestrelles from Pic Gaspard in France (the French word Pic, meaning peak), and holds the current world record for a long-distant landscape photo at over 440 kilometres, or 273 miles. Taken on a clear day, thanks to exceptional weather conditions; and the skill of the photographer, Marc Bret.

The long distant photo changed my world view. Within moments of finding it, I immediately began to share it with colleagues who were also questioning the shape of the earth, and within hours it was being shared on several groups. I wrote about my epiphany in chapter 12 of “The Elusive Curve”.

At the time, I was trying to heavily debunk Flat Earth – after being introduced to the concept by a Facebook friend. Thinking back at the time; boy did we argue! Another good friend also chimed into the debate; and together, we ripped into the “crazy” Flat Earther. We thought we tore him apart. How wrong I was!

Because after considering all possibilities, and after inputting the data of the long-distant photo – including the distance, observer height, the elevation of the mountains, and even the refraction of light – into an Earth curvature calculator; there should’ve been approximately 8 kilometres of hidden curvature, with the mountain peaks expected to be obscured by the downward curvature of the earth over that vast distance.

But the elusive curve was nowhere to be found.

It was a moment in my life that I’ll never forget; because after adamantly resisting the concept for several months – well, I finally realised that the earth is, in fact, flat!

The Science Must Be Right… Right?

This 30-second video will blow your friggin mind!

Why I’m a Flat Earther … 37 Must-See Experiments

The YouTube channel, “Taboo Conspiracy”, knocks it out of the park with this outstanding compilation of experiments that debunk the globe model, and builds a substantial preponderance of evidence for the flat earth model.


Let’s have some fun with this awesome Flat Earth Song – “No Photographs of Earth”

Conspiracy Music Guru, a.k.a, Alex Michael, came on the Flat Earth scene with his talented abilities by exposing NASA and the fraud, with his thought-provoking lyrics and toe-tapping tunes.

Visit the Conspiracy Music Guru website.

Do You Still Believe We Went to the Moon?

Over 25% of American citizens don’t believe that man has ever landed on the moon… and the percentage is growing year-by-year.

Let the Conspiracy Music Guru entertain you while giving you the facts.

200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball by Eric Dubay

200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball has now been translated into 20 languages and growing. It’s jam-packed with evidence, and a highly recommended video.

So, to conclude, where is the friggin curvature of the earth? As it seems to be rather “Elusive”!

The Elusive Curve - Billy Zigouras