Customer Reviews

I’m honoured to have received some amazing compliments from my readers. Here’s some of the feedback.

“The Elusive Curve” is a fictional book clearly created to convey the author’s very non-fiction message, that the Earth is a motionless level plane devoid of any curvature. When the protagonist Max discovers irrefutable proof of the true shape of the Earth, the course of his life drastically changes and he becomes a man obsessed, convinced that there is more land being hid beyond Antarctica, and that he is going to reach it. The Elusive Curve does an excellent job debunking typical globe-Earth claims like ships over the horizon, Foucault’s Pendulum, and the Coriolis Effect while presenting Flat Earth proofs like level water, plane gyroscopes, and long distance photography, all within the context of the protagonist’s varied and colorful relationships. Max must constantly deal with the stigma of being the “crazy Flat Earther,” ridicule from friends/family, and bombardment of typical questions like “why would they lie,” and “how could so many people keep such a big secret” and “what does the shape of Earth even matter anyway.” The Elusive Curve succeeds in presenting all the main arguments for a Flat Earth and arguments against a spinning ball-Earth in a fun and realistic story format, recommended for all Flat Earthers and FE curious people.

Eric Dubay – (via Good Reads)

OMG, Billy. What a fantastic story and read… thoroughly enjoyed it mate… you are on a winner with it and bestseller we hope! A fantastic combination of gold flat earth nuggets and story to enthrall and capture the imagination of readers of all ages! Mate, I am very honoured, thrilled and proud to know you and congratulate you on the wonderful work and effort that will culminate in a fantastic book and hopefully a classic in literature… amazing!!!

Craig B – Yamba, NSW

Wow… this book, the Elusive Curve, I couldn’t put down from the very first page, as it had me hooked. I could so relate to this, it made me laugh to see I wasn’t the only one who had this conversation with friends and family. I thoroughly enjoyed this book so much I gave it to my son to read hoping to influence him to research his world. Billy’s book takes pride right on my coffee table at home for everyone to see. It makes a great conversation starter. Highly recommend.

Jo. M – Melbourne

I’m not a Flat Earther by any means, however I have to say that after reading the preview on Amazon, I was intrigued.  BTW, I’m still not a Flat Earther… but if a “real-life Max” could pull off this plan… that would settle the debate once and for all.

Jeff. C – Canada

Having not picked up a fictional book for the best part of a decade, I was originally apprehensive about my chances of enjoying this book. But from the very first page I was hooked. The story was relatable as someone who is questioning the mainstream narrative myself and wanting to share my findings with close friends, Max was who I wanted to be! Someone with a practical plan to crack the conspiracy wide open and enough money to implement it. This book covered almost every debate or discussion I’d been in, and also encapsulated a feminine perspective that I similarly experienced in my personal discussions with girlfriends and friends.

The ending had my mind racing. Could the true nature of the earth be discovered? Can one man with an idea change the whole world? I was dying to find out!

After reading the book I purchased 25 copies! This really is a must read for anyone who isn’t sold on the nature of where we live, and has gone through the social experiences that that doubt entails. Cannot wait for the sequel!

Anthony C – Melbourne, Australia

An exciting journey full of wonderful and interesting facts, I learnt a lot while reading and enjoyed the journey just as much as the education. I recommend this book to anyone looking for something that may get them thinking, maybe at times challenging your beliefs. I liked it whatever side of the fence you sit on it’s was a fun journey.

Sam – Sydney, Australia

An awesome story with interesting information that really made me think about reality. Highly recommended for anyone looking into this topic.


It wasn’t long ago that I thought that the topic of Flat Earth was absurd. Now I find it absolutely preposterous that the earth is a spinning ball.

Great book, and an inspiring story. Well done!

 Eric T – Edinburgh

This book gave me a glimmer of hope. Could you just imagine if someone had enough money to fulfill Max’s dream?

 Greg – Sydney