The Elusive Curve is a story about Max Carter, who not only believes that our Earth is flat, but he also believes there’s more land on Earth – and Max wants to find it!

The Elusive Curve

Considered an expert by his peers – after successfully selling his cutting-edge patented technology – Max was suddenly free from the daily grind.

But his lifestyle and reality were about to be rocked by a single notion that would go against modern-day science; and a concept that he had never even in his wildest dreams considered.

Max still recalls the day he heard the two words – ‘flat’ and ‘earth’ – combined; which unbeknown to him at the time, would change his life forever. And although the concept initially triggered wild emotions beyond his control, Max soon came to the realization that the world around him was not exactly what he thought. The epiphany changed his entire outlook on life.

Join Max on his journey as he attempts to convince his friends that the shape of the Earth is not what they know, while he plans for a mission to discover more land on Earth with his ambitious and somewhat crazy plan to acquire a High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS) to prove the shape of the earth – one way or another.

What Do Readers Say?

OMG, Billy. What a fantastic story and read… thoroughly enjoyed it mate… you are on a winner with it and bestseller we hope! A fantastic combination of gold flat earth nuggets and story to enthrall and capture the imagination of readers of all ages! Mate, I am very honoured, thrilled and proud to know you and congratulate you on the wonderful work and effort that will culminate in a fantastic book and hopefully a classic in literature… amazing!!!

Craig B.

Having not picked up a fictional book for the best part of a decade, I was originally apprehensive about my chances of enjoying this book. But from the very first page I was hooked. The story was relatable as someone who is questioning the mainstream narrative myself and wanting to share my findings with close friends, Max was who I wanted to be! Someone with a practical plan to crack the conspiracy wide open and… read more

Anthony C.

I’m not a Flat Earther by any means, however I have to say that after reading the preview on Amazon, I was intrigued.

BTW, I’m still not a FlatEarther… but if a real-life “Max” could pull off this plan… that would settle the debate once and for all.

Jeff C.

“The Eluslive Curve is an original Flat Earth novel – that is packed with facts. It offers the reader a chance to join Max on his journey as he attempts to convince his friends that the shape of the Earth, is not what they know.

Grab yourself a copy – or grab one for a friend. Because, regardless of your beliefs about the shape of the earth – it’s a pretty cool story, and I reckon you’re going to love it! All the best.” ~ Billy Zig